I had spent my entire life after learning how children come into the world, wondering how I would pop my very own. The thought of it made me cringe having a baby. At around 3/4 am Sabbath morning I was woken up by some pain I'd never experienced before, it wasn't severe and it wasn't … Continue reading Dave

Be Mine

Three years ago I heard a song, which up to today stands out as my favourite because it is a narration of my life, its highs and lows, mountain and valley experiences. It is a song by Sarah Christina Draget. When you were born you were all alone; Nobody watched you or carried you home; … Continue reading Be Mine


The other day I sat for almost half the day with two friends. Among us, none shared a similar background. We were just 3 diverse people from different tribes. Yet I was amazed at how we were able to communicate so well, each using their native language (of course with a few adjustments here and … Continue reading Diversity


So I've been through 24 winters, going for my 25th this year! And for as long as I can remember, it has always been bad, one may have been slightly better or slightly worse than the other but during each particular winter it is always bad, I'm quite certain you can relate. August 2012 we … Continue reading Winter